16 August 2016


1. What rules and regulations are regulating the watch keeping routines in the engine room?
 Answer:    Both STCW and Class rules
2. Watch keeping engineers shall have a minimum of knowledge of the vessel's engine room and operation of its functions prior to being accepted as Engineer on Duty, and shall acknowledge his
Answer:    He shall have all the knowledge as listed in the other alternatives

3. The duty engineer of a UMS ship is approached by a member of the ship's staff, seeking permission hang wet working clothes in the engine room to dry. Should he:
Answer:    Not allow the clothes to be hung anywhere in the unmanned machinery spaces.
4. What is a fire wire?
Answer:   Wire for pulling burning ships off the pier
5. How often shall crew members participate in fire drills?
Answer:    Once every month
6.  Which of the following items shall be included in each fire drill?
Answer:    Checking the operation of watertight doors, fire doors, fire dampers and relevant communication
7.  You are on night time duty as navigating officer on a ship under way, when a fire in the crew's accommodation is reported. What is the first action you would take?
Answer:    Sound the fire alarm signal
8.  The smoke detector (fire indicator) indicates fire in a cargo hold loaded by general cargo. What first action should be taken?
Answer:    Close the ventilation system and other openings to the hold in order to choke the fire
9.  When a fire breaks out in the accommodation, cargo holds or on deck, who is in charge of the fire fighting operations?
Answer:    The Chief Officer
10.  When a fire breaks out in the engine room, who is in charge of the fire fighting operations?
 Answer:    The Chief Engineer
11.  What manoeuvre should be carried out in case of a fire onboard a ship?
 Answer:    Reduce speed and, if possible, keep the fire zone to the leeward of the ship
12.  What has to be done before the central gas extinguishing system is used on a fire in engine rooms, cargo holds or other confined spaces?
Answer:    Make sure that the compartment has been evacuated
13.  In case a fire alarm is sounded from the bridge, what action would you take as Engineer on Duty?
 Answer:    Start the fire pump
14.  What alarm signal is to be sounded by the alarm bells in case of fire onboard ships?
Answer:    Series of short blasts
15.  According to basic principles regarding fire protection the ship is to be divided in zones by structural and thermal boundaries. Which? (SOLAS II-2/2.2.1)
Answer:    In main vertical zones
16. Which spaces, in regard to fire protection, shall be separated from the rest of the ship by thermal and structural boundaries? (SOLAS II-2/2.2.2)
Answer:    Accommodation



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