23 February 2017



Tips for who will be applying for ETO Assessment ↓

Stationary required:

1) Black Pen (compulsory)

2) Paper punch (recommended)

3) Stick Glue (recommended)

4) Stick File (Compulsory, Please purchase from Mangalam store saying you require file for ETO assessment)

5) Correction Pen (only if any mistake in writing)

Please carry two color passport size photo (recently taken). Please take photos in formal dress only preferably with tie. No uniform dress or with T-shirt or casual dress.

Documents Required as per Assessment checklist:

1) CDC including relevant pages of sea service - Compulsory

2) Passport (all stamped pages) - compulsory

3) INDOS Certificate - Compulsory

4) Educational Qualification - Compulsory

5) Bridging Course / ETO Course (as applicable) - Not required for Candidate who has 12 months Rank experience prior 1 Jan 2012 i.e. CAT 1, BETO course Compulsory for Candidate who has 12 months experience prior 1st July 2013 i.e., CAT 2, 4 Months DG approved ETO course compulsory for candidate who doesn't have 12 months experience prior 1st July 2013 i.e., CAT 3.

6) Approved Workshop Certificate - NA

7) Validity page of RPSL No. issued to the company - Letter issued from the company on company letter head indicating RPSL Number

8) Sea Service Testimonials, Indicating Sea Time and Propelling Days duly signed by Chief Engineer and Master of the Vessel - Not Compulsory. Submit only if you have sea service testimonial Or else Not required.

9) Article of Agreement (Only for Indian Flag vessels above 200 GRT) - Applicable for candidate sailing on Indian Flag ship. For other Flag, NA

10) Sea Service Extract - Only for Ex-Navy Candidate. For Other, NA

11) STCW Course - Compulsory, preferably refresher course as per STCW 2010

12) Certificate of Proficiency in Security Training For Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (STSDSD) - Compulsory

13) Valid Medical Fitness Certificate in ILO Form (DGS Approved Doctor) - Compulsory, Can be obtained near MMD itself

14) Seafarers Profile (Updated) - Compulsory Only DGS Seafarer Profile required.

Please carry original as well as a photocopy for the above documents. Kindly self-attest all photocopy including Seafarer profile.

Original Sea Service letter issued by the Owner or the company on Company letter head addressing 
The Principal Officer, 
MMD (Corresponding office for example, Mumbai, cochin, Chennai or Kolkata)

Procedure for Assessment (with respect to MMD, Mumbai):

1) Please go neatly dressed with all original documents and photocopy.

2) MMD, Mumbai office opens by 9.30 am. So, candidate can go there just before 9.30 am. There will be no queue system (like first come first serve). Every candidate will be called with name with respect to Serial Number bases as per the assessment list

3) Candidate will be called to the examination Hall and will be seated.

4) Candidate will be called with name, at that time candidate will be given application form with serial code on it, ETO Checklist and challan form.

5) Once every candidate has the application form, one of the staff member will explain you step by step about how to fill the application form. Application form to be filled in Black pen only.

6) After he explains how to fill the application form. Candidate will be given sufficient time to fill the application form as well as Challan form has to be filled. Challan form has four copies in it. Challan and money has to be deposited to the bank.

7) Kindly note that the bank accepts cash only. No card.

8) Fee is Rs 3000 for assessment, Rs 4500 for written, Rs4500 for oral and Rs 50 for bank charges. For candidate with Oral, only have to pay for Assessment and oral i.e., Rs 7550. For candidate with orals and written fee is Rs 12050.

9) Assessment will only start if the candidate has paid the fee and taken the challan. Once the fee is paid, bank will return two copy of challan, one for MMD and One for you reference. Other two copies will be retained by the bank.

10) After application form is filled, fee is paid and challan is obtained. Every candidate will be called with name as per serial number.

11) All the documents will be verified. Sea time will be verified with CDC, Sea time letter issued by company. Make sure the Sea time in CDC and company letter matches.

12) Candidate who all are applicable for orals has to mention only 12 months sea time to satisfy the category under which they come. No need to filled all the sea time.

13) Once the sea time is satisfied as per the category written exception will be given and a staff member with verified and sign it.

14) Once it is signed by the staff member, candidate will be asked to visit superintendent of examiner office where again the examiner will verify candidate sea time and applicable course ( BETO/ ETO). Once he is satisfied, he will sign the application form.

15) Once successful completion of above process, candidate has to write their name, application number, phone number in a register book and leave the office.

Hope I have given sufficient details for assessment procedure, if anyone has any doubt, please feel free to contact me.

With regards,
Ravi Kiran
AMETO Member  
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ETO Assessment Checklist



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Written comments
4/02/2019 9:12 am

i have done diploma in electrical in 4 years as i chose correspondence degree but my certifacets are on hold by the staff because i have done it in 4 year im concerned that i can give the exam???

4/02/2019 9:13 am

and it is said that i have to complete it in 3 year